Get a Grip on Zagreb!

Information on Zagreb tells you that you are in a city with an area of 650 square kilometers, 170 kilometers from the sea, and 122 meters above its level. As opposed to some (overly) large European metropolises, in Zagreb, everything is, thanks to its modest size, somehow within reach. During winter Medvednica Mountain and Nature Park will provide you with plenty of pleasure & fun in the snow (but warmer things too, like tasty bean stew with sausage). On the other side of the city, you can go for walks along the banks of Jarun Lake, which does turn into 'Zagreb's sea' during summer, its clear water being an escape from the heat. Within grasp, in the center itself, are numerous green oases of the Lenuci Horseshoe – parks ideal for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Just as are dozens of cosy places for sipping coffee and gathering ones thoughts… and for acquiring new ones! Lovers of culture and art will discover something worthy of their attention at every step (It is said that Zagreb is the city with the most museums per square meter). The city is neither too small nor too big, it is -'user friendly'- oriented and open to all of you who will, in the multitude of its faces, certainly discover its soul.

While packing the necessary wardrobe, keeping in mind its continental climate, you had the time to type in 'Zagreb' in one of the search engines, and have armed yourself with the information that must-sees are: the Cathedral, St. Mark's Church, Lotrščak Tower, Kamenita vrata (Stone Portal), Dolac Market, the Croatian National Theater, Uspinjača cable lift , Ilica, Tkalčićeva… All of this is true… However, data is only data – until you 'experience' them in the bustling of the city to the scents and sounds of special places.

Experience Zagreb in a very special way! SEGWAY CITY TOUR ZAGREB will broaden your experience of our city which you will never forget. Riding a SEGWAY – the first self-balancing personal transporter in the world, the amazing and very useful vehicle that is very easy to ride, you will experience the genuine atmosphere just as if you were walking the city streets. Unrestrained, you will enjoy Zagreb's buildings and facades, details and colors while adjusting your speed to the moment - from rollerblades to bike. SEGWAY will provide complete pleasure in motion and enables you to remember the most beautiful city landscapes. Become one with the positive energy of the streets of Zagreb, historical Upper Town, popular locations in the Centre etc.

Let SEGWAY CITY TOUR ZAGREB accompany you on your kilometers in Zagreb. Welcome to our charming 'white' Zagreb and have a good ride!

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